Universitatea Transilvania din Braşov (UTBV) is a Romanian public academic institution with over 800 full-time scientists and professors and around 20,000 students (including over 500 students in PhD programs). The Department of Automation and Information Technology is affiliated to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. It has participated in / coordinated numerous European and National research projects with focus on biomedical engineering (e.g. MDPaedigree, HEART, etc.), and has strong know-how in high performance computing (GPU/cloud/cluster) and modelling and simulation (both data-driven modelling, i.e. machine learning, and mathematical modelling). The modelling of the human physiology is one of the major research directions in the department: the research activities have focused on the development of models and tools for the understanding, non-invasive diagnosis and treatment of pathologies in humans. Various tools with TRL level 6 or 7 have been developed in collaboration with medical imaging industrial partners.

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