UNICANCER is a health cooperation group (GCS) bringing together the 20 French Comprehensive Cancer Centers (FCCC), which are private, non-profit establishments and their Federation around a shared medical scientific project. It pools their strategic activities: research, purchasing, human resources, hospital strategy, quality control and information systems.

UNICANCER is also an academic promoter of research with a goal of developing clinical and translational research that is both pertinent and rigorous in the aim of improving cancer treatments and patient management. In France, UNICANCER and the 20 FCCC are at the forefront of clinical research in cancer, in particular regarding personalized medicine. Indeed,  NICANCER is the promotor of several clinical trials in personalised medicine for cancer such as SAFIR or AcSé, and UNICANCER was the organisor in 2015 of the first MAP conference (molecular Analysis for personalised therapy) together with Cancer Research UK and ESMO (http://www.map-onco.net). The second conference being planned for 2016.

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