This network federates 4 Inserm teams specialized in medical informatics. It combines skills and expertises in health bigdata integration, health data analytics and data mining, semantic interoperability, kwnoledge modeliing, terminology and ontology, IT system for personalized and targeterd medicine. This network shares previous and ongoing research projects on these topics.

The contribution of the IFMIN-4-CDIA network is to provide proofs of concepts coming from these projects and to contribute to share and enhance disruptive methods especially concerning patient data with ITFoC partners.

The 4 parners are: UMR 1099 : LTSI (Laboratoire du traitement de signal et de l’Image): Equipe projet Données Massives en santé – Université Rennes 1; UMRS 1138 Information Sciences to support Personalized Medicine (Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers) – Université Paris Descartes, Lille : The EA2694 “public health, epidemiology and quality of care” from the university of Lille 2, UMR 1219: Research centre “Bordeaux Population Health” – emerging team ERIAS (Equipe de recherche en informatique appliquée à la santé) – Université de Bordeaux.

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