This network federates teams and plateforms from 6 French geographical areas (Paris, Rennes, Lyon, Normandy, Lille and Strasbourg). It combines essential bioinformatic and computational expertise with the aim to develop and validate data analysis solutions for cancer NGS diagnosis. It was initiated in 2013 with INCa funding to harmonize practices and to develop pipelines and benchmarks. It sets common national standards, provides training and shares experiences with all French INCa cancer diagnosis platforms. The group also provides datasets gold standards for various NGS technologies as well as virtualized, ready-to-use, pipelines to these 28 platforms.

The 6 partners are: The Synergie-Lyon-Cancer (SLC) Bioinformatics Facility, The Centre François Baclesse Comprehensive Cancer of Caen, Normandy Centre for Genomics and Personalized Medicine, Inserm U1079, The Gustave Roussy Institute Bioinformatics Facility,  The Curie Institute Cancer and Genome Unit, The IRC Strasbourg, The Lille Functional and Structural Genomic Platform, The Molecular Genetic and Genomic Department of Pontchaillou Rennes University-Hospital, Université de Rennes 1.

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