The Interuniversity Consortium CIRMMP constitutes an infrastructure for Life Sciences, which provides a unique environment for research in the field of structural biology and metabolomics. CIRMMP is an institution financed by the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research, MIUR, by the European Commission, and by charitable organizations. EC has recognized CIRMMP and its NMR laboratory (CERM, University of Florence) as a Large Research Infrastructure in the field of NMR. Since 2007 CERM/CIRMMP is one out of the 8 core labs of the European Research Infrastructure for Integrated Structural Biology (INSTRUCT; www.instructfp7.

  1. eu) that has been defined by the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructure (ESFRI).

Two important initiatives have been stimulated by the scientific activity of CERM/CIRMMP: an industrial spin-off called Giotto Biotech ( and a non-profit foundation for biomedical research called FiorGen ( CERM/CIRMMP hosts the daVinci European Biobank (, a research biobank managed by FiorGen that stores biological samples and associated clinical and biological data. CERM/CIRMMP has an established expertise in NMR-based metabolomics of biofluids, tissues and cells. CERM/CIRMMP researchers have also developed a software for unsupervised metabolic phenotype discovery, clusterisation and visualisation. Development of computational tools for bioinformatics analyses, creation of databases, analysis of NMR metabolomic data, development and application of statistical methods for the analyses of metabolomics data are all active fields of CERM/CIRMMP research. Additionally CERM/CIRMMP has experience in the creation of user-friendly interfaces that allow external users to remotely access its computational services. The computational infrastructure comprises two clusters with 80 and 1024 CPU-cores respectively, and 4 Tb of storage. A cluster with 6 Nvidia K20 GPU cards is also available. CERM/CIRMMP has also developed strong links with local hospitals (Florence and Prato) where additional cohorts of patients will be recruited for data and samples collection.

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