The Center for Innovation in Medicine is an organisation based in Bucharest, Romania, focused on the innovation in healthcare. Center for Innovation in Medicine is a non-governmental organisation who has the aim to shorten the time between the emergence of innovations in medical sector and their application for patients benefit in Romania and elsewhere. The Center for Innovation in Medicine develop programs to educate and inform all audiences about innovation in medicine in an attempt to create a friendly environment for early adoption of innovative technologies, ideas, products and services. The Center for Innovation in Medicine serves as an independent platform for informed dialogue between all stakeholders in the field of omics medicine, personalised (precision) medicine, digital health, immune-oncology, cancer research, biotechnology, systems biology and other hot scientific topics. To achieve those objectives, Center for Innovation in Medicine has developed with his partners a series of dedicated communication channels: journals, websites, social media campaigns, youtube channels, conferences, seminars and so on. Health Innovation Agenda is the main educational and communication project developed by our organisation. The approach is: personalised communication and education for personalised medicine and innovation.

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